Remote interviews are sometimes harder to prepare for than regular ones. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Sound is important. An empty room will create an echo, whereas the more stuff in the room to deflect the sound the less echo. Also, be sure to avoid background noises – if anyone else will be at home when you’re interviewing, be sure they know to keep quiet; walk the dog ahead of time; get a babysitter if you have young children.
  • Background is important. You don’t want it to be too distracting nor too plain. A bookshelf, a lamp, a tasteful piece of art, or a houseplant are all good background choices.
  • Lighting is important. If it’s during the day, use a window for natural light and the window should be in front of you, not behind or to the side. If it’s at night, use a lamp to light the room, not overhead lights which tend to create shadows on your face.
  • Do your research. Check out the company’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed to see how the executives and employees dress and act and plan accordingly.
  • Make sure the camera is at eye level – you may have to place your laptop on a box or stack of books. Look at the camera, not at your computer screen. And don’t forget to smile :).

For more detailed information, check out this youtube video or Forbes article.

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