About PSRecruit

(Professional Search & Recruiting)

Sure we have many years of experience, but what really makes us great is our team of highly experienced, industry professionals with backgrounds in operations, consulting, and recruiting. We have intuition, a true knack for hearing what our clients are looking for and what our candidates have to offer. Our expertise comes from accurate research, familiarity with the needs of both parties, and sharp instincts. By pinpointing the goals of our clients, we screen and find their ideal employees, making the process easier and making their businesses better.

Our Philosophy

It’s no surprise that our clients are our number one priority. That’s why they are so loyal. They trust us because they know we have their best interest in mind. Succeeding tomorrow depends on choosing the right leaders today.

At PSRecruit, we have both local and national clients, including some of the most progressive and growth-oriented companies in the industry. We provide our clients with a competitive edge by identifying highly-skilled, outstanding leaders that match the exact needs of their team. We don’t just excel in finding people but in finding the perfect people, tailored for the position in question. We save our clients time and expense by eliminating unqualified prospects and bringing them only the best of the best.

Let’s face it – a company’s most important asset is its staff. Hiring the right people is the ticket to success. If you hire motivated and empowered employees, they will make any business succeed. There is no product or service that is more valuable than the staff that delivers it. We expect the best of our candidates and so should you.

Everyone is different, but a skilled leader can see the advantages in our differences. Playing to the strengths of someone’s personality can bring out the best in them, making them feel empowered in their job. We believe that targeting strengths in the hiring process not only renders better results but motivates employees to show their best qualities.

Meet Our Team

Rachelle SchaffRachelle Schaff started in the restaurant industry at a very young age and grew up in the business. Rachelle was working in operations as management for several years before opening PSRecruit with Sunnie Collins in 1996. Since that time Rachelle has been working in the restaurant industry in all aspects of the business. While owning and operating a privately held gym and raising a family. Rachelle looks forward to sharing her experience with you and enjoys helping people find that right position that works for them.

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Sunnie CollinsSunnie Collins has been an entrepreneur her entire professional life. She began as an owner of a commercial construction company, with particular experience in the restaurant sector. Her next endeavor was opening, owning, and managing an original restaurant concept with two stores. Since then she has founded and grown two separate recruiting firms, including PSRecruit (Professional Search & Recruiting). Combined, Sunnie has nearly 30 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry. As a result, she has a vast network of friends, associates, and contacts that she can relate and work with. She also has a genuinely caring attitude and approach towards work and life that make her a known and respected industry expert.

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Jim-ThomasJim Thomas has been involved in the restaurant industry for almost 30 years. For 16 of those years, Jim was working in operations. He has worked for large companies, as well as small. Jim was instrumental in opening the California market for Chili’s and went on to work multi-unit for them in Northern California. For a brief time, he owned and operated The Armadillo Brewing Company in Austin, Texas. In June of 1996, Jim left operations to join PSRecruit. His experience and contacts throughout the industry are just two examples of what he can offer to prospective candidates who may be searching for another career opportunity in the highly competitive field of restaurant management.

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Mark Schaff has decades of experience as a recruiter in the hospitality, technology, and hotel industries, to name a few. He is also a certified Network & Computer Engineer and a highly skilled Technology Consultant with in-depth experience in supporting, analyzing, engineering, implementing, or designing various forms of technology, most often servicing small and medium-sized groups in the restaurant/hospitality sector. He has been with PSRecruit since they opened in 1996. No matter the role, his focus remains on serving the customer and understanding the importance and value in keeping customers satisfied.

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Regan HeldRegan Held has been in the restaurant industry for the past 20 years. She started in operations and marketing before moving into corporate recruiting for the past 13 years. After spending over a decade as a satisfied client of PSRecruit, she decided to branch out and join the team. With all of her years of restaurant recruiting experience, Regan can help match restaurant professionals with the right company in order to maximize their career path.

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Laura Dwyer earned her degree in education and worked as an elementary school teacher for 6 years. From there she switched gears to hospitality and managed a small boutique hotel, after which moving on to property management for vacation rental homes. She joined PSRecruit as an administrative assistant in 2016 and was promoted to recruiter in 2018. Her people skills and ability to easily talk with just about anyone allow her to make real connections with candidates.

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